New York Marketing Firm Announces Web Design for Politicians and Public Figures

Bill de BlasioSophiastar, New York City’s celebrity marketing firm, is offering state-of-the-art web design for politicians looking to enhance campaign efforts and reach millions of voters.

“Political leaders create websites to highlight achievements and share information on issues they support.” – George Magalios, Sophia Star President

(NEW YORK, NY) MARCH 25, 2014 — Sophia Star is pleased to announce sophisticated web design for politicians looking to increase campaign efforts and share positive information about career experience and supporting issues. A presence on the web gives political candidates the ability to reach millions of voters. Investing in a state-of-the-art web design that represents politicians as strong leaders will increase support and obtain a following committed to giving a vote.

The elements of design are very influential and how a politician is represented on the internet will determine success. The leaders that use internet PR to create a powerful web profile, reach millions of viewers and captivate audiences.

Sophia Star is a full-service celebrity marketing firm that specializes in web design, online reputation management and internet PR. Its politician clients are represented on the internet with sophisticated web design to enhance campaign efforts and obtain more support.

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