NNRC Announces Website Expansion to Meet the Needs of Attorneys Nationwide







Now lawyers can search state by state to find the right court reporting firms for their needs.

(FOLSOM, CA) AUGUST 4, 2015— The National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) is pleased to announce a website expansion that will serve attorneys better as they search for support for their work across the country.

On the website, law firms can now search for court reporting firms on a state-by-state basis. For example, lawyers seeking Ohio court reporters can visit a page specifically meant to introduce law firm to top court reporting companies in the Buckeye State. These court reporting firms offer a wide range of services to help lawyers meet the challenges of today’s legal work.

Elsewhere on the website, California court reporters are featured. In a large and diverse state, many different firms provide services that local attorneys need as well as support services for lawyers who are visiting the area.

NNRC is a global organization that serve the legal community with technical and court reporting services as they meet the challenges of today’s legal work. Firms that are a part of this organization meet high standards to ensure that when lawyers schedule services with an NNRC firm they will have access to all of the services they need to serve their clients with distinction.

To learn more about NNRC or to visit the individual state pages, visit the website nnrc.com.

Anderson Reporting Announces Innovative Technology to Enhance Legal Work

Anderson Reporting
Anderson Reporting is a top Columbus court reporting firm.






Technology is playing an important role in services from Columbus court reporters.

(COLUMBUS, OH) SEPTEMBER 15, 2014— Columbus court reporters at Anderson Reporting are pleased to announce more services that will enhance legal work for attorneys who are working on a variety of types of cases.

There are many new innovative technology-based tools that can help lawyers connect with one another and the people who are crucial to their cases. Videoconferencing, realtime reporting, and online repositories can help lawyers work collaboratively with other attorneys or depose a witness remotely. There are many other tools that can help attorneys reach juries in new ways, and through this technology lawyers are getting results for their clients.

Anderson also offers these services to visiting attorneys who rely on this technology to help them accomplish their objectives in an efficient manner that allows them to quickly return to their clients and their practices.

For more than 25 years, Anderson Reporting has positioned itself as an industry leader in providing all of the very latest technology to legal professionals. Over the years the firm has evolved from providing legal transcripts and those types of services to providing the litigation technology that has revolutionized legal work.

For more information on one of the top Columbus court reporting firms, visit their website at andersonreporting.com

Columbus Court Reporters and NNRC Announce New Member Page

Columbus Court Reporters and NNRC Announce New Member Page




A new NNRC member page is a resource for legal professionals working in the Columbus, OH area.

(COLUMBUS, OH) OCT 30, 2013— Columbus court reporters at Anderson Reporting Services, INC and the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) are pleased to announce a new member page that will give legal professionals a reliable source for litigation support in the Columbus area.

Anderson Reporting Services, Inc., is a full-service legal support company that has become one of the most progressive legal service providers in the State of Ohio, servicing clients nationally and internationally. Most of the company’s staff has been reporting for more than twenty years.

NNRC is comprised of more than 55 of the most customer-oriented, technologically advanced court reporting companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Member firms must be recommended and go through an in-depth vetting process. They are then added to NNRC’s network of qualified professional court reporters that stretch across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, enabling law firms to expand their reach.

On the new page, legal professionals can learn more about some of the specific services offered by Anderson Reporting, including realtime reporting and video depositions that have both become important parts of today’s legal work. They can also connect directly to the firm’s site where they can learn even more about the firm and how it has become one of Ohio’s most respected court reporting firms.

Columbus Court Reporting Companies

Both Anderson Reporting’s website and the NNRC site offer legal professionals easy ways to connect and schedule a deposition with this firm, meaning that legal professionals in Columbus and around the country have yet another tool to help enhance their practice.