Bienenstock Nationwide Court Reporting Announces Technology Based Services

Bienenstock now offers technology based services to help lawyers meet the demands of today’s casework.

(DETROIT, MI) APRIL 29, 2016— Detroit court reporters at Bienenstock Court Reporting and Video are pleased to announce a renewed effort to identify and integrate new technology-based services that can help attorneys meet the demands of an evolving legal field.

Bienenstock Court Reporting & Video has been the leader in quality court reporting, legal video and litigation support services since 1995. Whether you have depositions in Detroit or Denver, or a trial presentation in New York or New Mexico, you can rely on Bienenstock Court Reporting & Video for prompt, professional, and problem-free service.

Bienenstock offers national scheduling, realtime reporting, and a wide range of video services to enhance every phase of legal work. Bienenstock’s professionals also have the experience to help lawyers meet new challenges, which makes Bienenstock a leader among Detroit court reporting firms.

Our experienced and professional staff can assist you from the opening of discovery to the close of your case by providing the highest quality court reporting and litigation support services available. We work hard to make your job easier.

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Ryan Court Reporting Announces New Blog

Ryan Court Reporting Announces New Blog
This new blog will keep legal professionals aware of emerging innovations in the industry.

Brevard County court reporters at Ryan Reporting announce the creation of a new blog to empower legal professionals with information about how new technology can revolutionize the legal profession.

Since 1970, Ryan Reporting has provided Central Florida with professional court reporting services. Today, the firm provides the technological litigation support and other tools to help attorneys better serve their clients. Realtime reporting, video services, conference room rentals, and other assets are available from Ryan Reporting. The firm is also affiliated with National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) to provide clients with referrals to other professional court reporting companies around the country.

This new blog is a go-to source for legal professionals in Central Florida for the latest in new technology and ideas that can help enhance the case preparation and presentation processes. On the blog, readers can find out how new technology can be a tool to enhance the work of law firms and find out how this technology can be a cost-saving alternative to more traditional deposition work.

In the coming months, readers will also learn more about specific ways that new technologies in realtime reporting and video transmission and access can be used to enhance cases. The blog will also explore the role of media in the courtroom and how jurors are becoming more receptive to more immersive multimedia presentations during trials.

For more information, visit the official website at and bookmark the address for the new blog at to keep up to date with news from the court reporting industry.