The Sophia Group

George A. Magalios is president of the Sophia Group and Mediasophia INC. He was born in Montreal and most recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an M.F.A. in Fine Art. Mr. Magalios created Sophia Press Releases as a platform to feature interesting and trending businesses, personalities and news stories.

George Magalios: A Career on the Web

george magalios

George Anastasios Magalios: President of Mediasophia

George Anastasios Magalios has worked online since the start of the modern Internet in 1995. He first explored the web when it was only a text-based platform based in Switzerland. Today Mr. Magalios travels across North America and Europe giving lectures on topics such as new trends in online reputation management, online presence building, local marketing, and new developments in web design.

Philanthropy and Artistic Interests

Since founding The Sophia Group, a conglomerate of companies and artistic endeavors ranging from LegalSophia, BeautySophia and MediaSophia to TechneSophia and The Magalios Foundation, a non-profit organization providing scholarships to students in financial need, Mr. Magalios has created an online content network that features more than 500 websites. This network includes blogs, social media sites, custom websites, press release pages and many other forms of customized content that covers topics such as celebrity news, business reviews and trends in contemporary art.

His passions include baseball, particularly his love of the San Francisco Giants, contemporary music, fine art, and film.

George Magalios also has a second career and calling as a painter, photographer and sculptor. In his rare spare time he likes to write philosophical articles on art, politics and sports.