Beovich, Walter, and Friend Certified Court Reporters Announce Services for Visiting Attorneys





Beovich, Walter, and Friend is a leading court reporting company in Oregon.

(PORTLAND, OR) APRIL 29, 2015— Oregon court reporters at Beovich, Walter, and Friend Certified Court Reporters are pleased to announce a series of services geared towards assisting attorneys visiting the Pacific Northwest.

Beovich, Walter and Friend has worked to stay ahead of new technology over the years. The firm has positioned itself as a national leader in providing innovative tools and ideas to top legal professionals. Now, lawyers who visit the area can work with confidence that they have all of the tools they need to accomplish their objectives. Beovich, Walter, and Friend offers many services including:

  • Certified Court Reporters (local, national and international coverage)
  • Expedited and Daily Transcripts, Same-Day Drafts
  • Realtime Reporting (connecting to iPads, iPhones, or other device)
  • Internet streaming (text and/or video)
  • Hyperlinked Exhibits and Synchronized Video
  • Videography and Videoconferencing (HD/IP address)
  • Trial Presentation, Document, and Case Management
  • Secure Online Access, 24-Hour Assistance
  • Tape and CD Transcription
  • Complimentary Conference Rooms in Our Office
  • Fully Itemized Invoices

Beovich, Walter, and Friend has set the standard for experienced service among Oregon court reporting firms. They can provide the services that help lawyers take command of information and better serve their clients. To find out more about the services offered, contact the firm today.

Finding VASER Lipo in Fort Lauderdale

vaser-lipo-in-fort-lauderdaleBody sculpting has became increasingly popular for men and women. For VASER Lipo in Fort Lauderdale, the Body Sculpting Institute is the destination for discerning patients.

Body Sculpting Institute
10167 West Sunrise Blvd
Plantation, FL 33322

Mediasophia Hosts a Lecture at the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 11.45.26 AM

“Women in Business”, Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches

(West Palm Beach, FL) APRIL 8, 2015- Mediasophia President, George Magalios will give a talk at the Women in Business meeting today at the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches.

At the meeting, George Magalios will share his knowledge of marketing business on the Internet exploring the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management and state of the art web design that reflects current market trends. The presentation will feature case studies and a variety of helpful statistics to empower business professionals with the basic knowledge of how to protect the reputation of their business, eliminate bad reviews, manipulate search engines to position their website with top visibility and attract new business with sophisticated web design. This pro bono talk is part of Mediasophia’s community outreach program and is an event open to all Chamber members.

You can download the Power Point presentation here: MediasophiaPBChamberPresentation PBChamberPresentation

Visit this link to learn more about the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches.

National Network of Reporting Companies Announces Launch of New Website







NNRC is a global leader in providing essential services to legal professionals.

(FOLSOM, CA) APRIL 7, 2015— The National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) is pleased to announce the launch of a new website that will make it easier for more attorneys to connect with the country’s top network of court reporting companies.

NNRC is a network of reporting companies that meet rigid standards for professionalism and range of services. NNRC members can provide videoconferencing, realtime reporting, deposition support, legal video services, online repositories, and other services that are crucial to meeting the challenges of today’s legal work.

On the new website, legal professionals can see many of the cities that are served by this vast network of court reporting professionals. They can also learn about individual court reporting companies and find out about some of the exciting services offered by each firm.

For lawyers, access to this type of network greatly expands their reach. Working remotely now becomes a possibility in many cases, offering lawyers ways to mitigate travel demands or take command of a wide array of media types that are a part of their cases.

For more information on the National Network or Reporting Companies, visit their new website at

Rabbi Robert Silverman Extends Services to Same Sex Couples in Miami









Rabbi Robert Silverman can help each couple make their wedding day one to remember.

(MIAMI, FL) APRIL 3, 2015— Rabbi Robert Silverman is pleased to announce a new effort to serve same sex couples in Miami, Miami Beach, and across Miami-Dade County.

When couples begin looking for gay wedding officiants Miami, they often find the need to draw from the experience of someone who has participated in many wedding ceremonies. Rabbi Silverman can work with couples to find just the right way to celebrate their love on this special day.

Since the legalization of same sex marriage in Florida, many couples are making plans to begin a new chapter in life. They find that because there is no set formula for a same sex wedding, the couple has a great deal of latitude to plan a ceremony that is a reflection of the people they are. They can celebrate the life they have lived as well as the exciting, loving future that they will share.

Rabbi Silverman is recognized as one of the top gay wedding officiants in Miami. He can work with each couple to make their wedding ceremony a special time and the type of memory that will last a lifetime.

For more information on Rabbi Silverman and how he can help you on your special day, contact him today:

6447 Miami Lakes Drive East
Suite 220
Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Phone: (305) 439-1990

Summit Court Reporting Announces Court Reporting Services to Lawyers in New Jersey








Summit Court Reporting is the leader among New Jersey Court Reporting Companies

(PHILADELPHIA, PA) APRIL 3, 2015— New Jersey court reporters at Summit Court Reporting are pleased to announce a new effort to serve attorneys across the Garden State.

Summit has worked over the years to remain the source for the very latest in innovative technology and ideas to help lawyers approach their cases in new ways. They are also the go-to court reporting form for visiting attorneys who have work in New Jersey.

Lawyers can rely on Summit Reporting for a variety of services including realtime reporting, legal video, videoconferencing, indexing and other technologies that help enhance legal work. They can help lawyers work more effectively as well as save time as they prepare their cases and then help them be more impactful in the courtroom.

Summit is committed to working with lawyers locally as well as attorneys who visit from around the country through their affiliation with the National Network of Reporting Companies. Lawyers who visit the area can also enjoy working in fully equipped conference facilities that are the perfect setting for a wide range of legal work.

Contact today to find out more and to schedule a service with the leader among New Jersey court reporting firms:

1500 Walnut Street
Suite 1610
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 215.985.2400
Toll Free: 800.447.8648
Fax: 215.985.2420