Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso Announces New Body Sculpting Procedure Options

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Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso has positioned himself as one of South Florida’s top cosmetic surgeons, and now he is offering more body sculpting procedure to patients.

(MIAMI BEACH, FL) FEBRUARY 26, 2015— Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is pleased to announce the addition of new body sculpting procedures that are designed to give patients a greater level of control when it comes to their new look.

Advances in liposuction are giving the very best cosmetic surgeons the tools they need to better realize the patient’s vision. VASER and VASER Hi-Definition liposuction can be used to attack fat in a precise manner. It can be used to shorten recovery times and also help patients achieve a more sculpted look.

Other patients are exploring a wide array of procedures that can be used to target other trouble spots. Tummy tucks have become increasingly popular among younger women as part of the “mommy makeover.” The procedure has enabled women to regain their pre-pregnancy form after childbirth.

Dr. LaGrasso also offers Brazilian butt lifts, hormone replacement therapy, and other treatments and procedures that can help people reach their goals.

When people are seeking the most experienced surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso plastic surgeon can help each patient uncover hidden beauty and rediscover youth and vitality. His commitment to offering the very latest in procedures and treatments has made him one of the top cosmetic surgeons in South Florida. To learn more, visit his website at lagrassomd.com

How to Begin an Abstract

By L. Kemp –> –> Lord gave thoughts to people that individuals might have roses in November. A quote from the source long-forgotten, although though these are not my own personal phrases, I’ve delivered for them generally for attractiveness and their fact. Roses being one-of my favorite bouquets, It is an easy fill from the graphic of the reddish bouquets that pose within my yard to my Viola, who trained as she did me to appreciate them each summer for a couple months. Though Auntie Viola handed down years back, and my flowers are satisfied to their out-of-period repose, the theory which our recollections are landscapes showing the abundant detail of our lifestyles and its accessibility to us, means we can revisit our activities, thoughts and thoughts amy occasion we wish, and enjoy again the tangibility of interactions and events from the earlier days. Continue reading “How to Begin an Abstract”

Rabbi Robert Silverman Announces Same Sex Wedding Services

Rabbi Robert Silverman Announces Same Sex Wedding Services









(MIAMI, FL) FEBRUARY 16, 2015— Rabbi Robert Silverman, one of the top Miami Beach wedding rabbis, is pleased to announce that he is now working with same sex couples to help them make their wedding day one to remember.

Now that gay marriage is legal in Florida, many couples are making plans to mark a new chapter in life by getting married. Gay wedding officiants in Miami like Rabbi Silverman can play an important role in helping couples find the perfect way to celebrate on their special day.

Gay weddings have no set structure, so couples have a great deal of freedom to find the perfect ceremony that matches their sensibilities and is a perfect reflection of the people they are. Rabbi Silverman can help couples strike just the right tone on this special day and help couples make the perfect first memory as they begin a life of love together.

Regardless if the couple is interested in a big ceremony or a small affair, Rabbi Silverman can be the perfect choice to guide couples through their wedding ceremony. He can also work with families and make them a part of the ceremony if that is what the couple wishes.

To learn more about Rabbi Silverman, visit his website at rabbirobertsilverman.com.

Showard Law Firm Working to Represent Hip Implant Patients

Showard Law Firm Working to Represent Hip Implant Patients






The Showard Law Firm works with people who have been the victims of hip implants and other medical devices.

(TUCSON, AZ) FEBRUARY 16. 2012— The Showard Law Firm, one of the leading Pima County Law Firms, is pleased to announce an effort to work with people who have been the victims of defective and poorly designed hip implants.

DePuy and Stryker hip implants have come under fire in courtrooms across the country, and more and more patients have come forward to tell juries how these products did devastating damage to their bodies. Metal on metal hip implants have been connected to a variety of serious medical problems including blood poisoning, difficulty walking, intense pain, and other serious complications. In some cases, patients have been forced to undergo several surgeries in order to correct the issues associated with the implants.

Tucson, AZ injury lawyers and attorneys help patients who have been the victims of hip implants, transvaginal mesh, and other medical devices. They also work with patients who have been the victims of medical products like Actos, Fosomax, Nexium, and Pradaxa.

If you have been injured, you should only work with an attorney with experience defending patients’ rights against medical device and pharmaceutical companies. For more information, visit the website showardlaw.com

Palm Beach Beachbody Coach Maria Waiters Announces New 3-Day Refresh Plan

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.48.08 AM(PALM BEACH, FL) February 13, 2015—

Palm Beach Body Coach Maria Waiters announces a three day refresh plan that eliminates bloating and significantly reduces waist measurement.

“Now that I have lost weight, I feel confident couching you. I invite you to join us in a Beachbody challenge group.” –Maria Waiters

Beachbody is pleased to provide supporting fitness and weight loss coaching in South Florida. Maria Waiters a proven successful Palm Beach Fitness Coach is pleased to provide supportive fitness coaching to help people attain their weight loss goals and feel good about their health, fitness. The 3-day refresh challenge is giving people the jump start needed to feel energized, reduce bloating and flatten your tummies.

The 3-day refresh challenge kit comes with three Shakeology packets of your choice of six flavors. Two popular flavors are Chocolate Vegan and Tropical Strawberry Vegan. The kit also includes six packets of Vanilla Fresh high protein shakes, three packets of Fiber Sweep a digestive health drink and one program guide.

The health industry is learning more about nutrition and weight control. A healthy lifestyle and fit body is attainable for anyone interested in taking advantage of proven effective fitness and diet programs. Gently eliminating toxins and taking part in a nutrition program that helps the body better absorb essential nutrients will increase energy levels, eliminate bloating and help burn fat.

Maria Waiters in a Beachbody Coach that supports individuals interested in losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the benefits of a fit body. To learn more about the 3-Day Refresh or to join a monthly challenge group, contact Maria Waiters

For more information about the plan visit: http://mariawaiters.com/3-day-refresh/


Faculty Guidance for your Over 50 Audience

The method that you manage a neck that is dry depends upon what’s producing it. For most people, neck that is dried is most likely a momentary sign causes by way of a frosty or flu disease, after the illness goes away completely and it surely will move away. In case your throat that is dried is disturbing or persists, though, particularly if it appears unrelated to some viral illness, see your doctor for guidance. Once the Cause Is Cold or Influenza One of influenza signs or the earliest cold, even before a complete -fledged tender throat sets in, is really a dried or scratchy neck. Continue reading “Faculty Guidance for your Over 50 Audience”