Sophiastar Celebrity Marketing Firm Announces Web Design for Actors Launching Careers in Television and Film

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 12.03.31 PMSophiastar, South Florida’s celebrity marketing firm announces web design for actors and actresses that are looking to launch careers in the television and movie industries.

“Sophisticated web design is bringing actors the web presence needed to launch careers in film and television.” -George Magalios

(Palm Beach, FL) February 20, 2014– South Florida celebrity marketing firm, Sophiastar is pleased to announce web design for actors. Profile development for actors begins with a sophisticated website that is alluring and seductive. The actors that are represented on the Internet with a state of the art website create and market a desired image to the public audience. Industry professionals looking to cast roles in movies and television will select actors that fit the desired character image. When an actor has a website that reflects this image, it increases the chance of hire.

Sophiastar custom website designs communicate effectively and deliver a powerful message to the public. The actors that are represented with a new web design achieve recognition and increase chances of achieving recognition. Sophiastar web designs offer exceptional features and beautiful imagery that seamlessly integrate Google Analytics, social media and many other elements that reflect movie star status.

Sophiastar is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in Internet PR and web design for actors looking to launch careers in television and film. Its clients are represented on the Internet with state of the art websites that market a desired image and reflect success.

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