Salzano Concrete Announces New Stamped Concrete Style

Salzano Concrete Announces New Stamped Concrete Style
Salzano Concrete now offers a new stamped concrete style, garden stone-style stamped concrete.







The northern Virginia specialty concrete business focuses on decorative concrete and other concrete services, serving customers in the Capital region of Maryland, Washington, D.C. and across northern Virginia.

(CENTREVILLE, VA) FEBRUARY 25, 2014 –As part of its ongoing efforts to offer customers a wide assortment of decorative concrete styles and designs, Salzano Custom Concrete, a leading northern Virginia decorative concrete business, recently added a new design, garden stone-style stamped concrete, to its selections. The business helps customers enhance the appearance of their homes and properties with concrete resurfacing, concrete polishing, stamped concrete and other services. The leadership team of Salzano Custom Concrete reviews new styles and designs throughout the decorative concrete industry on an ongoing basis, looking for designs and styles to add to the company’s catalog.

Based in northern Virginia, Salzano Concrete improves the appearance of commercial properties and residential properties across the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area in numerous ways. The company beautifies concrete courtyards, patios, sidewalks, walkways, pool decks, concrete floors and other surfaces. The company offers numerous designs and styles to suit customers’ tastes. Popular designs and styles include cobblestone, slate, brick and tiles. The business’s new garden stone-style design incorporates patterns of squares in varying shades of beige, producing a natural look sure to impress visitors, guests, customers and others who view it.

Call owner CJ Salzano at (703) 929-9299 to learn more about the company’s designs, and to schedule a free estimate. Salzano will meet you at your property to discuss your ideas for improving the appearance of your residential property, business property or rental property. With many different styles and designs available, the business likely offers one that will suit your tastes. The business serves customers in many locations and municipalities across the region.

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