Sophiastar, The Palm Beach Celebrity Reputation Management and Internet Marketing Firm Announces Web Design Promotion

13114sophiapressPalm Beach celebrity marketing firm, Sophiastar announces a web design promotion for clients beginning a new reputation management campaign.

“Celebrities often fall victim to Internet propaganda and online defamation.” -George Magalios

(Palm Beach, FL) January 31, 2014– Sophiastar is pleased to announce its web design Palm Beach promotion for celebrities beginning a new reputation management campaign. The promotion includes a 50% discount on a state of the art website that will be used to replace any Internet propaganda that appears on Google searches.

Celebrities and public figures often fall victim to online attacks. Unfortunately, Internet propaganda seems to be synonymous with celebrity status. Due to the nature of the media system and what the press consider attention worthy, high profile personalities are faced with a regular onslaught of online harassment. Sophiastar was designed to dis-empower the perpetrators and protect clients from slanderous content that would otherwise damage a reputation. The reputation management team at Sophiastar is proven successful in removing slander from Google drop down searches and replacing unwanted content with positive PR that reflects the clients desired image. Celebrity web design and each component of marketing is used to enhance profiles and create an Internet presence of success.

Sophiastar, the Palm Beach celebrity reputation management firm protects clients from Internet propaganda. Its clients are benefiting from positive public relations campaigns that reflect the client’s desired image and promote continued success.

Palm Beach Marketing Firm Announces New Reputation Management Service for Politicians

13014sophiapressradelThe Sophia Group’s newest marketing firm, Sophiastar announces its new reputation management service for politicians. The new service provides clients with positive PR on the Internet and protects political figures from false statements and defaming propaganda on the web.

Politicians and public figures are at risk of slanderous attacks on the Internet. Sadly it has become a regular part of oppositional campaigning. -George Magalios

(Palm Beach, FL) January 30, 2014– Sophiastar is pleased to announce its new reputation management for politicians. Its new service uses reverse SEO Palm Beach strategies to bring high profile political leaders the Internet profiles needed to achieve success. Each marketing campaign is designed to enhance the reputation of clients and protect politicians from false allegations and any unwanted content that should surface on the web.

The reputation of a politician will make or break a career. The leaders that invest in a powerful Internet marketing campaign are benefiting from a positive profile and large following of support. Sophisticated web design Palm Beach in combination with Internet public relations are bringing candidates and political leaders the recognition and attention needed to effectively communicate with the public.

At Sophiastar we provide online reputation management for politicians to protect high profile individuals from Internet propaganda. Our Internet public relations and network blogging create a powerful form of communication to increase popularity and reflect a desired political image.

Sophiastar Launches New Website

12814sophiapressSophiastar, the Sophia Group’s new celebrity reputation management firm, launches its website.

“Web design and online reputation management for celebrities is an important component of career building.” -George Magalios

(Palm Beach, FL) January 28, 2014– Sophiastar is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. Sophiastar is the newest addition to the Sophia Group that will be working with celebrity clients managing Internet PR, developing reputations and creating a highly visible Internet presence.

For celebrities, a sophisticated website that attracts viewers and seduces the contemporary audience will increase popularity and enhance careers. State of the art Palm Beach web design and Internet PR inclusive of social media communications gives celebrities the opportunity to connect with fans and attract the interest of industry professionals.

Sophiastar is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in online presence building and fan-base networking for celebrities. Its celebrity Internet marketing provides high profile clients with a powerful Internet presence to hold the spotlight and enhance careers.

The Sophia Group Announces SophiaStar, Its New Company Dedicated to Reputation Management, PR, Social Media and Web Design for Celebrities

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.43.10 PMSophiaStar is the Sophia Group’s newest company dedicated to Internet presence building and reputation management for celebrities and high profile individuals.

“Celebrity profiles on the Internet can determine success and a bad reputation and Internet slander can end careers.”  -George Magalios

(Palm Beach, FL) January 28, 2014– The Sophia Group is pleased to announce its new addition to the Internet marketing enterprise. SophiaStar is the Sophia Group’s full service marketing firm dedicated to reputation management, web design and Internet public relations for celebrities and individuals in the spotlight. Publicity is not always beneficial when it is focused around negative circumstances like false allegations or Internet propaganda. In fact slanderous posts on social media and the bombarding of news media on the web can result in serious consequences that end careers.

Online reputation management for high profile television personalities and individuals in the public eye can be the  most important career investment. How a person is represented online can determine success. If negative publicity should surface on the Internet it is important to eliminate it from Google searches before years of hard work developing a reputation are ruined. What people read on the Internet is very influential. Propaganda and slanderous reports posted online can result in job termination and interfere with future career opportunities.

SophiaStar, the newest addition to the Sophia Group Internet marketing enterprise specializes in Internet PR and online reputation management for celebrities and high profile individuals. Its web design, social media networking and reverse SEO strategies are components of marketing that protect clients from Internet propaganda and publicized false accusations.

Westchester Cosmetic Surgeon Announces More Options for Injectables Patients

Dr. Eugene Sidoti





New advances in injectables are giving patients more options than ever before.

(SCARSDALE, NY) JANUARY 27, 2014— Dr. Eugene Sidoti, a leader among Westchester cosmetic surgeons, is pleased to announce new options for patients looking for cosmetic procedures with shorter recovery times.

Botox continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in America today, and it is being joined by several fillers that can be used to add volume and fill out sagging skin on the face and even on the hands.

These fillers can be used to work around eyes and other areas where a subtle change can work wonders, and Botox can also be highly effective in softening fine lines and even eliminating some wrinkles. Dr. Sidoti can guide patients through all of their injectable options and help them choose the right one for their particular needs.

Dr. Sidoti has developed a reputation as one of New York’s most respected cosmetic surgeons. For 15 years he has practiced in the area, and is affiliated with six different hospitals in the area. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is also an active member of the American Cleft Palate/Craniofacial Association and the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons.

In addition to facelifts and other facial procedures, Dr. Sidoti offers a variety of other options to his patients. His is well known as a leader among breast augmentation New York surgeons in providing his patients access to the latest in implant technology, giving his patients more options than any area cosmetic surgeon.

Mediasophia Announces New Reputation Management and Public Relations Service for Retired Athletes

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 10.14.20 AMSouth Florida Internet marketing company announces a new reputation management service for retired athletes to maintain celebrity status, extend careers and obtain endorsements.

“Retired athletes maintain celebrity status with online reputation management and Internet PR.” -George Magalios

(Palm Beach, FL) January 24, 2014–
Mediasophia is pleased to announce its new Internet public relations and reputation management service for retired sports professionals. Retired athletes continue careers by staying in the limelight leading foundations and soliciting endorsements. Mediasophia’s reputation management service is providing retired sports industry professionals with the online presence needed to develop post playing careers and increase revenues.

Public relations are an important component of soliciting endorsements. Retired athletes that make use of the Internet to make connections and promote business are benefiting from a highly visible profile and the ability to reach thousands of viewers. Athletes in the US are celebrities and maintaining a spotlight presence with web design Palm Beach and organic SEO will enhance careers and maximize earning potential.

Mediasophia is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in web design, search engine optimization and online reputation management for retired athletes looking to extend careers and solicit endorsements. Its clients are represented on the Internet with powerful profiles that attract attention and reflect success.

Sophia Star Announces State of the Art Internet Presence Building for Celebrities

12414jzbeyonceSophia Star is pleased to announce Internet marketing and online reputation management for celebrities and individuals in the spotlight.

“Celebrity profiles on the web are an important component of public relations.” -George Magalios

Celebrity profiles on the Internet are highly influential and what people read on the web will either positively or negative affect popularity. The Sophia Star marketing service enhances celebrity profiles and protects individuals from Internet propaganda and any undesired content that should surface on the web.

(Palm Beach, FL) January 24, 2014– The celebrities that are represented on the Internet as talented professionals are earning the respect of fans and attracting attention from casting directors, booking agents and endorsement promoters. Sofia Star Internet PR, web design for celebrities and reputation management is bringing clients the online presence needed to maintain a positive image and enhance careers.

Sophia Star is a full service-marketing firm that creates powerful and persuasive identities for celebrity clients. It’s Internet presence-building campaigns bring actors, athletes, politicians, corporate executives and high profile personalities the reputation needed to expand careers and achieve success.

Reputation Management Firm Announces Marketing Promotion for Businesses Suffering from Internet Propaganda

12214sophiapressWest Palm Beach reputation management firm is offering a marketing promotion to help businesses that have fallen victim to online attacks repair reputations.

“Our work managing celebrity hosted television programs has online reputations has made us experts in eliminating all undesirable content from Google searches.” -George Magalios

(West Palm Beach, FL) January 22, 2014– Mediasophia is pleased to announce a new marketing promotion created to help businesses repair reputations by eliminating Internet propaganda and false negative reviews from Google searches. The new promotion is offering a discounted rate on a custom Palm Beach Web Design to launch a campaign that will represent the company as a leader in its industry.

The process of eliminating bad reviews and damaging content from web searches involves building a positive reputation by creating a profile that accurately reflects the true identity of a business. A discounted state of the art website is an excellent way to kick off the marketing process and gain a head start in burying unwanted posts on the Internet. Experienced online reputation management companies use reverse SEO techniques to eliminate harmful attacks on sites like Rip Off Report from surfacing, while simultaneous highlighting client success.

Mediasopohia is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in web design, search engine optimization and online reputation management for businesses that have suffered from false negative reviews. Its clients are represented as industry leaders with positive Internet profiles that reflect success.

Internet Marketing Firm Announces Web Design for Politicians and Public Figures

Bill de Blasio Democratic mayoral candidate, New York 2013Mediasophia announces web design for politicians to highlight character and recruit the support of special interest groups and the public.

“Mediasophia web designs are state of the art and reflect the level of sophistication needed to support career success.” -George Magalios

(New York, NY) January 21, 2014– Mediasophia is pleased to announce state of the art web design for politicians and public figures looking to recruit support and enhance careers. The Internet has become a powerful forum for public relations and networking with the public. Mediasophia’s web designs are empowering individuals with the ability to highlight events and inform the public about opportunities and current issues. Special interest groups use the Internet to research public figures and determine which leaders are of worthy of support. The political figures that are represented on the web with a sophisticated website earn the interest of viewers and increase networking ability.

Political candidates that invest in a state of the art website reach the larger audience and elevate campaigns. Quality web design in combination with proven effective SEO strategies, achieve top visibility on the Internet, bringing the visibility needed to launch careers and recruit support.

Mediasopohia is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in web design, search engine optimization and online reputation management for politicians and public figures. Its clients are represented on the Internet as powerful leaders worthy of support.