Palm Beach Online Reputation Management Company Announces New Service for Victims of Online Harassment


Internet harassment is a serious problem affecting millions of people worldwide. Mediasophia, a leading Internet marketing firm announces a new anti harassment service for Victims of online character defamation, harassment and abuse.

“Internet harassment is a serious concern for millions of people worldwide. At Mediasophia we are dedicated to protecting our clients from Internet slander, defamation and all harmful content posted on the web.” -George Magalios

(New York, NY) November 21, 2013–Internet harassment, also know as Cyber Bulling, Revenge Porn and Online character defamation is a serious problem. Millions of people are suffering from abusive posting and slanderous content on the web. Mediasophia, understands the harm that online harassment can cause and has created an anti harassment service for those that have fallen victim to this type of abuse.

The Internet is filled with forums to post photographs and content and because of the nature of the web; images and slanderous comments can reach millions of viewers instantaneously. For victims of harassment this viral communication means suffering on a large scale. Something as horrible as incriminating photographs or embarrassing and inappropriate images can spread across the Internet and cause victims a lot of harm. This type of harassment has been know to end relationships, careers and seriously impede on an individuals ability to live a happy life.

Fortunately there is help available and a person experiencing Internet harassment can tack control and stop to the abuse. Online reputation management companies can put an end to online harassment using reverse SEO and other strategies that eliminate all undesired content on the web.

Mediasophia is a full service Internet marketing firm that specializes in online reputation management, reverse seo, web design and optimization. Its clients are protected from harmful posting on the web ensuring a positive profile and relief from harmful attacks.

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