Pest Control Company in Fort Lauderdale Announces Tent-Less Termite Control

Pest Control Company in Fort Lauderdale Announces Tent-Less Termite Control
Arista Pest Solutions now offers a convenient way to eliminate termites with tent-less termite control.









Residents and businesses across South Florida do not have to use termite tenting to eliminate termite infestations anymore. Call Arista to learn more about tent-less termite control.

(SUNRISE) NOVEMBER 13, 2013 — One of the leading Fort Lauderdale pest control companies has added a more convenient way for homeowners and property owners to eliminate termite infestations. Arista Pest Solutions now offers tent-less termite control, a vast improvement over traditional termite tenting. With termite tenting, homeowners and their pets had to vacate the infested property, often for days, and had to cover up their possessions and belongings to protect them from the insecticide used to kill the termites. Additionally, termite tenting announced to people’s neighbors that the home had been infested. With the pest control Fort Lauderdale business Arista Pest Solutions’ tent-free termite control, people can discreetly and conveniently eliminate termite problems.

Termites rank as some of South Florida’s most damaging and destructive pests. Thus, homeowners and property owners who suspect a termite infestation should act quickly by calling a leading South Florida pest control company. Although traditional termite tenting offered by most companies may get the job done, Arista Pest Solutions’ tent-less termite control services eliminate problems with termites inconspicuously and expediently. Call Arista Pest Solutions at (954) 815-5445 for fast results, and put your termite problems behind you.

Arista Pest Solutions provides reliable and guaranteed results for pest problems throughout Broward County and across South Florida. The company’s Hollywood exterminators eliminate problems with cockroaches, ants, beetles, spiders, mice, rats and other pests. The company serves residential and commercial customers across the region. Get the best in Fort Lauderdale pest control services, Hollywood pest control services, Pompano Beach pest control services, Pembroke Pines pest control services and Coral Springs pest-control services with this family-owned and operated business.

Orlando Court Reporters Announce New Real Time Reporting Services

Orlando Court Reporters Announce New Real Time Reporting Services







Real time reporting is an important asset in the courtroom and for attorneys working remotely.

(ORLANDO, FL) NOVEMBER 13, 2013— Orlando court reporters at Ryan Reporting are pleased to announce the addition of real time reporting services that give attorneys a multi-dimensional way to view depositions and in-courtroom testimony.

Established in 1970, Ryan Reporting is dedicated to providing prompt, professional and courteous vourt reporting services to meet the needs of the Orlando and Orange County communities.  The firm provides a number of essential video services to help today’s working legal professional including video depositions and videoconferencing, which can save firms time and money when utilized together to allow work to be conducted remotely. These capabilities are now being augmented by real time reporting.

Real time reporting takes the data stream from the court reporter’s stenography machine and immediately translates it through software into readable English text. This can be streamed or scrolled to a video monitor and appears just seconds after the words are spoken in the courtroom.

This technology is now in places for judges and attorneys around the country in the courtroom, and now this technology is being used to allow for remote viewing of transcripts over secure internet connections. This product can be marked and annotated to allow for quick access to important pieces of testimony.

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Ryan Reporting is the source for this technology in the Orlando area, the site of many recent high-profile cases. For more information on real time technology or to learn more about the services offered by Ryan Reporting, visit the firm’s website at

New York Court Reporters and NNRC Announce New Member Page

New York Court Reporters and NNRC Announce New Member Page

This new NNRC member page will give attorneys around the country an easy way to connect with the best court reporting firm in New York City.

(NEW YORK CITY) NOV 6, 2013— New York court reporters at Ellen Grauer Court Reporting and the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) are pleased to announce a new member page designed to help legal professional locate professional court reporters in the New York area.

Established in 1997, Ellen Grauer Court Reporting is an independent agency that prides itself on consistently meeting the ever changing demands of the national legal community. In a field where clients expect impeccable service, Ellen Grauer Court Reporting offers expertise in the latest technological advances and personal attention on every case.

More than 55 customer-oriented, technologically advanced court reporting companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe make up the network of firms that is NNRC. After a rigorous screening process, firms can be added to the network that provides a valuable resource for legal professionals who are working in a more interconnected world where it is often necessary to work from the road, meaning lawyers need a place where they can find competent, high-quality litigation support around the country.

This new page is a place where legal professionals can get acquainted with Ellen Grauer Court Reporting and find out a little more about the firm. They can also find direction straight to the company’s website where they can learn about many of the exciting services that Ellen Grauer Court Reporting can provide to assist today’s competitive legal community.

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Law firms who need to schedule a deposition with Ellen Grauer Court Reporting for their trip to New York or to work remotely can do so through a simple interface on NNRC’s website or directly through the company’s website.