Palm Beach Web Design Firm Announces New Custom Blog Design Service

112713sophiapressCustom blog designs are a an important component of any Internet marketing campaign. Mediasophia is pleased to announce its new custom blog design service to support optimization and enhance the online profile of its clients.

“Custom Blogs are an excellent format for executing back-link strategies and increasing online visibility.” –George Magalios

(West Palm Beach, FL) November 27, 2013– In today’s system of e-commerce, a company’s online visibility is a critical component of advertising. How a business is represented on the web will determine its level of success. Mediasophia has created a new custom blog design service to enhance its clients Internet profile and support optimization back link strategies.

A network of blogs is a valuable tool for implementing organic SEO. The businesses that invest with Palm Beach web design companies that value the blog design not only obtain top Google rankings but look good in the eyes of the contemporary audience.

Mediasophia is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in web design Palm Beach, online reputation management and organic search engine optimization. Its clients are represented as leading businesses in progressive markets and are dominating Google results for popular keyword searches.


Palm Beach County Web Design Company Announces New Google Hummingbird Compliance Service

112613sophiapressMediasophia, a full service-marketing firm in New York City and West Palm Beach has created a new Google Hummingbird compliance service for clients looking to efficiently obtain top rankings on the Google search engine. The new service is congruent with the Hummingbird program and ensures all SEO techniques are best practice in compliance with the Google approved strategies.

“Staying within Google Hummingbird approved strategies will determine a websites position on the web.” –George Magalios

(Bronx, New York) November 26, 2013– What are the effective search engine optimization techniques and why is it that some long-standing first place websites have suddenly dropped beyond the first few pages for Google searches? Google Hummingbird is driven by a new algorithm pattern. Mediasophia has created a Hummingbird compliance team to ensure its optimization strategies are in alignment with theses patterns and as a result clients are achieving high visibility on the web. Components of marketing including web design can be formatted to be recognized of value by Hummingbird.

Mediasophia knows the value of high visibility on the Internet. Its marketing campaigns specialize in Google Hummingbird SEO techniques that are proven effective and its clients are dominating keyword searches in competitive markets.

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Web Design Firm in Palm Beach County Announces Production of New Newsletter

112513newsletter“We are excited about the Mediasophia News publication as it will provide clients with valuable information on Internet marketing strategies that bring immediate revenue increasing results.” –George Magalios

(Brooklyn, New York) November 25, 2013–Mediasophia is pleased to announce the Mediasophia Newsletter. The new Mediasophia publication will include news on Google updates, and social media tips as well as current online reputation management issues, trends in web design and SEO strategies that bring immediate results.

This publication is available at no charge and those interested in subscribing can email with the following information: Name, Phone, website and email.

Mediasophia is a full service Internet marketing firm that specializes in web design in Palm Beach, online reputation management, and organic search engine optimization. Its clients are dominating search engine rankings in competitive cities. Interested clients can subscribe to the Mediasophia Newsletter to read about Internet marketing strategies that guarantee revenue-increasing results.

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Web Design Firm in Palm Beach Announces New Google Search Engine Diagnostics for Banned Sites

112213sophiapressMediasophia, a full service marketing firm specializing in web design and optimization announces its new Google search engine diagnostics for banned websites.

“Mediasophia is prepared to help businesses quickly recover from a drop in rankings or a website ban. I encourage any business in trouble to invest in our service. “ –George Magalios

(West Palm Beach, FL)– A Google Ban is a website nightmare and can have a devastating impact on a business if not immediately address. Monitoring a company web presence and being prepared to react and fix issues that arise needs to be at the front line of any marketing campaign. An effective seo program should include a multitude of strategies for optimizing a website. A strong Social media presence inclusive of a Google+ business page showing up on the right side of your bran search results is one component of marketing used to enhance visibility and maintain optimal rankings. Using various social media accounts and third party blogs is critical when it comes to successfully recovering from a ban. Google recognizes these accounts, which validates the company in the eyes of Hummingbird.

Having an SEO-friendly web design is important in its ability to recover from a site ban. In some cases when a website is formatted for effective Google Hummingbird SEO, it is more efficient to create a new website in order to quickly recovery and achieve first page results.

Mediasophia’s Google Search Engine Diagnostics Team is prepared to react to a drop in rankings and rescue businesses that have fallen victim to a ban. Its proactive approach to marketing begins with web design in Palm Beach and proven effective organic optimization.

Palm Beach Online Reputation Management Company Announces New Service for Victims of Online Harassment


Internet harassment is a serious problem affecting millions of people worldwide. Mediasophia, a leading Internet marketing firm announces a new anti harassment service for Victims of online character defamation, harassment and abuse.

“Internet harassment is a serious concern for millions of people worldwide. At Mediasophia we are dedicated to protecting our clients from Internet slander, defamation and all harmful content posted on the web.” -George Magalios

(New York, NY) November 21, 2013–Internet harassment, also know as Cyber Bulling, Revenge Porn and Online character defamation is a serious problem. Millions of people are suffering from abusive posting and slanderous content on the web. Mediasophia, understands the harm that online harassment can cause and has created an anti harassment service for those that have fallen victim to this type of abuse.

The Internet is filled with forums to post photographs and content and because of the nature of the web; images and slanderous comments can reach millions of viewers instantaneously. For victims of harassment this viral communication means suffering on a large scale. Something as horrible as incriminating photographs or embarrassing and inappropriate images can spread across the Internet and cause victims a lot of harm. This type of harassment has been know to end relationships, careers and seriously impede on an individuals ability to live a happy life.

Fortunately there is help available and a person experiencing Internet harassment can tack control and stop to the abuse. Online reputation management companies can put an end to online harassment using reverse SEO and other strategies that eliminate all undesired content on the web.

Mediasophia is a full service Internet marketing firm that specializes in online reputation management, reverse seo, web design and optimization. Its clients are protected from harmful posting on the web ensuring a positive profile and relief from harmful attacks.

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Mediasophia Announces New Online Reputation Management Service for Victims of Revenge Porn


Revenge Porn is the practice of harassment through the posting of photographs for the purpose of defaming and defacing the reputation of an individual. Mediasophia’s new reputation management service for victims of Revenge porn is helping people repair their reputations and reclaim their identity.

Mediasophia repairs reputations to help people pursue careers and live a prosperous life. -George Magalios

(West Palm Beach), Nov. 20, 2013

Mediasophia’s revenge porn reputation management protects people from the harmful effects of slander, defamation and possibility a ruined career. In today’s world of viral communication, something as horrific as revenge porn can reach thousands of people with the click of a mouse. Inappropriate photographs whether real or a fictitious fabricated images can spread across the Internet like wildfire and wreak havoc on a person’s life.

For a professional in just about any career, revenge porn can amount to serious consequences. Not only can this type of harassment cause embarrassment and shame, but also it can destroy a person’s livelihood. Revenge porn is a serious problem that only those who have fallen victim to it can truly grasp.

Fortunately there is a solution available. Online reputation management companies will protect individuals from the harmful consequences of revenge porn. Anyone suffering from a damaged reputation can invest in online reputation management to end harassment and eliminate harmful content on the web.

Mediasophia is a full service Internet marketing firm that specializes in online reputation management, search engine optimization and web design. Its new revenge porn reputation management protects individuals from harmful postings on the web and ensures a positive identity for a prosperous career.
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Integrity House Utah Announces the Launch of Its New Website

Facility Treats Girls Aged 12 to 17

Integrity House Utah Announces the Launch of Its New Website
With its new website, the Integrity House RTC hopes to reach more families and improve the behavior of more troubled girls.









This Leading Residential Treatment Center Offers a Holistic Approach to Behavioral Treatment for Troubled Young Women.

(CEDAR CITY, UTAH) NOVEMBER 19, 2013 — The Integrity House, a respected and accredited residential treatment center for young women between the ages of 12 and 17, in Cedar City, Utah, helps clients from across the Western United States and other parts overcome patterns of negative behavior and get their lives back on track. The Integrity House Utah facility and its dedicated team of educators, counselors, therapists and mentors accept young ladies who have gotten into trouble in society, at school and at home. With the launch of its revamped website, the facility and its team hope to help even more young women and families lead harmonious lives. Integrity House reviews of leading practices across the behavioral treatment field help the facility’s staff stay on top of the best strategies and treatment methods.

The teen years represent a difficult time for many people in their maturation. Physical, emotional, mental and social changes combine to create difficulties in many young people’s lives. Some young people act out and rebel against authority figures in their lives as they make the trying journey from childhood to adulthood. Clashes at home, at school and in society can threaten to derail many young people’s futures. To cope with disobedient teens who have engaged in harmful behaviors, such as skipping school, drinking alcohol, using drugs, committing crimes and more, many parents have turned to outside resources like community centers, mentoring programs, behavioral counselors and residential treatments centers like the Integrity House RTC. Visit the school’s official website to discover more about how the facility’s multi-modal approach to behavioral treatment turns clients’ lives around.

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Web Design Firm in Palm Beach County Announces New Google Rankings Restoration Service


Mediasophia, a web design and SEO company in West Palm Beach, Florida is pleased to announce its new Google Hummingbird rankings restoration service designed to restore rankings to websites punished by the world’s leading search engine. This service includes full diagnostics, web design, and total restoration of rankings by Google.

“Restoring top rankings on Google takes the work of an experienced marketing firm versed in the algorithm patterns of the Hummingbird programming.” -George Magalios

(11:45 a.m. eastern standard) November 20, 2013Google is the top search engine in the world and a Google Hummingbird penalty that is not addressed can have a detrimental impact on the success of a business. Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm has punished millions of websites for a variety of offenses including bad links, 404 errors and other seo techniques considered unacceptable. Fortunately, Mediasophia has the ability to rescue businesses that have suffered loss in rankings and even Google bans with a quick restoration of visibility and top search engine results. Mediasophia has provided this service to many doctor’s offices, lawyers, and businesses across the world. Mediasophia’s design and marketing team has successfully restored number one rankings for the most competitive keywords in the toughest markets.

Mediasophia employs solely Google Approved organic white hat marketing techniques for all its clients. Its web design in Palm Beach represents companies as leading businesses in progressive cities. As a result its clients are dominating search engine rankings in the most competitive cities including New York, Miami and Paris.

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Mediasophia Announces Sophia Press Release Website


Mediasophia is pleased to announce the publication of, a new website for publishing press releases. The website accepts press releases for all industries at no cost and is open to the public for submissions.

(1:15 p.m. eastern standard) November 15, 2013- Mediasophia, an Internet marketing form based in New York City and West Palm Beach announces the publication of Sophia Press. The distribution of press releases on the Internet is giving businesses the opportunity to efficiently deliver announcements to hundreds of thousands of people with the click of a mouse. Today's viral communications on the web are serving companies in diverse industries.

The Internet provides companies with the ability to promote special offers and get the word out to customers and network affiliates about sales and upcoming opportunities. Whether you are looking to promote attendance at an upcoming event or solicit new customers with a promotional offer, a press release that gets picked up and distributed by online sources will reach a large audience, increase awareness and promote business.

Mediasophia is a full service Internet marketing firm that represents its clients as leading professionals in competitive markets. Its new Sophia Press publication is providing the opportunity for businesses in diverse industries to submit press releases at no cost in effort to expand its network and support entrepreneurial success.

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Web Design and SEO Company in West Palm Beach, Florida Announces New Custom Website Specials for $799

(West Palm Beach, Florida)  November 14, 2013

Mediasophia, a full service Internet marketing firm announces new custom website designs on Google-friendly WordPress platforms for $799. This discounted rate is being offered to all new SEO clients.

Web design and search engine optimization are powerful components of advertising. In today’s e-commerce system having a state of the art website optimized for popular keyword searches brings businesses the traffic needed to ensure a constant influx of sales. Mediasophia’s WordPress promotion is offering its seo clients a new custom website design at a fifty percent discounted rate. The Google-friendly platform will bring clients immediate search engine results for a high return on investment.

The web design companies that implement Google approved optimization techniques are bringing clients the visibility needed to reach the largest audience and maintain website traffic. First page rankings for popular keyword searches when achieved organically, ensures consumers looking for products and services find the company website by entering words in the browser window. The businesses that appear first are earning the largest percent of market shares.
Mediasophia is a full service Internet marketing firm that represents its clients as leading businesses in diverse industries. Its Websites are designed on Google-friendly WordPress platforms and its clients are dominating popular keyword searches in competitive markets.

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