Website Oxy Addiction Treatment News Launches

Website Oxy Addiction Treatment News Launches





A new website is committed to providing people with the most up-to-date information about the disease of Oxy addiction.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) OCT 30, 2013– The creators of Oxy Addiction Treatment News are pleased to announce the launch of the website meant to offer new information to people battling one of the most insidious addictions in America today. The website helps people find the best drug rehab centers in Northern California that can help them overcome this crippling addiction.

Oxy Addiction Treatment provides individuals and their families with a number of resources that are designed to help them make better decisions about treatment options. With the disease of addiction impacting one in ten adult Americans, it is important to remain informed about emerging threats from new drugs that can be highly addictive.

In addition to a blog that is regularly updated with new insights into the mysteries of addictions and how oxy addiction treatment works, readers can also find more information on an oxy addiction page that informs visitors about the specifics of the addiction. Many people have questions about addiction to Oxycodone, and many can be answered in the FAQ section.

In the coming months the website will be monitoring new developments in the treatment industry and will also be helping people choose the best drug rehab centers in Tennessee as well with more information about how the treatment of Oxycodone addiction requires an individualized approach.

For more information and to see the website, visit

Columbus Court Reporters and NNRC Announce New Member Page

Columbus Court Reporters and NNRC Announce New Member Page




A new NNRC member page is a resource for legal professionals working in the Columbus, OH area.

(COLUMBUS, OH) OCT 30, 2013— Columbus court reporters at Anderson Reporting Services, INC and the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) are pleased to announce a new member page that will give legal professionals a reliable source for litigation support in the Columbus area.

Anderson Reporting Services, Inc., is a full-service legal support company that has become one of the most progressive legal service providers in the State of Ohio, servicing clients nationally and internationally. Most of the company’s staff has been reporting for more than twenty years.

NNRC is comprised of more than 55 of the most customer-oriented, technologically advanced court reporting companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Member firms must be recommended and go through an in-depth vetting process. They are then added to NNRC’s network of qualified professional court reporters that stretch across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, enabling law firms to expand their reach.

On the new page, legal professionals can learn more about some of the specific services offered by Anderson Reporting, including realtime reporting and video depositions that have both become important parts of today’s legal work. They can also connect directly to the firm’s site where they can learn even more about the firm and how it has become one of Ohio’s most respected court reporting firms.

Columbus Court Reporting Companies

Both Anderson Reporting’s website and the NNRC site offer legal professionals easy ways to connect and schedule a deposition with this firm, meaning that legal professionals in Columbus and around the country have yet another tool to help enhance their practice.

Fort Lauderdale Electrical Contractors Announce New Commercial Services

Company positioning itself for upcoming commercial contracts and building upon its past successes.

Fort Lauderdale Electrical Contractors Announce New Commercial Services
Connective Electric, a leading Broward County electrical contracting company, performs commercial electrical services across South Florida.

10/27/13 (POMPANO BEACH) – Connective Electric, considered among the best electricians in Broward County, is pleased to announce a new internet marketing campaign to highlight its commercial services. Connective Electric’s team of technicians performs many different commercial electric services for clients in numerous industries. The company’s well-trained and experienced electricians have performed electrical renovations on commercial remodeling projects, retail spaces, office buildings, hotels, multi-family high rises and other properties. They can also work on medical facilities like hospitals, doctors’ offices, rehabilitation facilities and outpatient surgical centers. The company performs work in many Broward County cities, including Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Coral Springs, Miramar, Parkland, Pompano Beach, Sunrise and Plantation.

Numerous general contractors looking for Fort Lauderdale electrical contractors have praised Connective Electric’s work and professionalism. The company has worked on numerous retail locations and financial institutions over the years, delivering excellent results in stores, massage outlets, beauty shops, food vendors and other types of locations. The company has a record of performing contract work on small and large commercial projects alike, meeting contractors’ electrical demands on budget and on time.

Performing Great Electrical Work Across South Florida

With the economy hopefully turning a corner and improving, the market for new residential projects, retail outlets, government facilities and other new construction appears poised to heat up in coming months. With the launch of this new campaign touting its successes in performing commercial services,  Connective Electric hopes to better position itself to compete for highly sought-after commercial projects and commercial contracts. The company has the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver great service in all types of commercial settings, whether in Broward County, Palm Beach County to the north or Miami-Dade County to the south. Consider Connective Electric for your next commercial electric project in South Florida.

Pima County Personal Injury Lawyer Announces New Blog

Pima County Personal Injury Lawyer Announces New Blog

A new blog from Tucson personal injury lawyers will empower victims with the best information about personal injury cases.

TUCSON, AZ, OCT 8, 2013– Pima County personal injury lawyer Sarah Showard and the Showard Law Firm announce the launch of a new blog dedicated to providing important information to Tucson personal injury victims.

The Showard Law Firm is one of Tucson’s leading personal injury law firms. They handle a variety of personal injury claims stemming from car accidents, property liability, defective products, and other issues. They concentrate on medical device and medication claims as well, helping clients who have been the victims of transvaginal mesh, hip implants, and a variety of medications.

This new blog will give victims the information they need when they work with Tucson personal injury lawyers. On the blog, victims can find information about how to choose a lawyer and find out a little more about what happens during the legal process as a personal injury case makes its way through the legal system.

Additionally, clients can learn more about their specific type of case. The blog will follow news in many mass tort issues like transvaginal mesh implant lawsuits that are being heard in federal court. Often these cases are large enough with thousands of plaintiffs that they will receive national attention.

Pima County Personal Injury Lawyers

For more information on the Showard Law Firm, visit the website On the site clients can learn more about many of the types of cases the firm handles including a tab devoted to different types of medical device and medication lawsuits. To read some of the information on the blog and to get the latest on many personal injury cases, visit

Broward Personal Injury Lawyer Announces New Blog

Broward Personal Injury Lawyer Announces New Blog

New blog is expected to be a leading source for clients who need information about personal injury attorneys in South Florida.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, OCT. 8, 2013– Broward personal injury lawyer David W. Singer is announcing the launch of a new blog dedicated to arming the public with information they need when looking for a personal injury lawyer.

David W. Singer is the managing attorney of David W. Singer and Associates, one of South Florida’s leading personal injury law firms. He has worked in South Florida courtrooms for more than 30 years, helping clients with cases stemming from a variety of accidents including car accidents, cruise ship accidents, defective products and medical malpractice.

Broward personal injury attorney news is committed to being a service to South Florida accident victims by being a helping hand to guide them through the sometimes confusing process of choosing a personal injury attorney. With so many law firms competing for personal injury clients, it is important for victims to have a place to get advice about what to look for in a personal injury attorney and what questions to ask an attorney during the consultation process.

The website will also be an informational resource for clients who are confused about how personal injury cases work, providing information about evidence, settlements versus trials, and other issues associated with this specific are of the law.

Car Accident Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

For more information on David Singer, a leading car accident lawyer Fort Lauderdale, visit his online home at Clients can learn more about Singer’s specific credentials and areas of practice. To see the new blog and to learn more about many of the issues facing South Florida personal injury clients, visit the blog at