Tucson Personal Injury Lawyer Announces New Blog: hipmimplantlawsuitnews.com

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Sarah Showard is already known among Tucson personal injury lawyers for her passionate advocacy for her clients, and now she is offering them the chance to empower themselves through the new blog hipimplantlawsuitnews.com.

On the new site, readers will be able to learn more about many of the issues being argued in lawsuits around the country surrounding hip implants. Over the last few years, medical device manufacturers are in increasingly hot water over the design of many hip implants, particularly various metal-on-metal (MoM) designs that are leading to a variety of issues for patients.

Hip implant lawsuits are already highlighting the pain, multiple surgeries, and even blood poisoning that patients are enduring because of these devices.

The new blog will also keep patients up-to-date with current litigation around the country as the medical device industry braces itself against an avalanche of lawsuits. Readers will learn what lawyers and clients are saying about the cases, and also hear from experts at the Showard Law Firm about what patients can do if they have become victims.

The Showard Law Firm handles a variety of cases, including hip implant suits. Attorneys at the firm also help patients who have been the victim of the pharmaceutical industry through poorly tested medications like Yaz, Fosamax, and Nexium.

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